Why European aviation won’t and shouldn’t be the same after Covid

While in our previous article we discussed to what extent fear of flying, travel restrictions and the economic downturn may have contributed to the substantial drop in demand for aviation, in this article we will discuss why the European airline industry will be and should be different post recovery. Europe’s large population, yet fragmented political […]

Global Pandemic: Where has demand gone?

As Covid-19 ravaged the global economy airlines were among – or were – the hardest hit victims of Coronavirus. As 2020 is nearing its end, multiple vaccines are promising to offer new horizons from as early as Easter 2021. The media and trade media have been full of predictions of when normality may return to […]

Embraer’s rumoured E3 has just received some makeup

Rumour’s about the Brazilian manufacturer’s potential development of a clean-sheet turbo-prop catering for the 70-100 seat segment have long been around. During John Slattery’s time rumours around the study of such a concept were confirmed a number of times, however the manufacturer shied away from committing to the development of the aircraft, citing the bumps […]